Product name: MAXCOMF (Maximum Comfort)

Product specifications

  • In-house production,
  • It has appropriate particle size,
  • Dry and odorless,
  • Treated and sterilized with sterile formaldehyde (liquid) against possible insects,
  • Offered in 20 kg dense bags,
  • Possible metal particles (staples, wire, etc.) are removed.
  • Disinfected using ultraviolet light without chemical substances,
  • Free of sanding, chipboard and MDF dusts,
  • Double-sieved,
  • Dried in furnace at appropriate humidity values,
  • Free of chemicals,
  • Produced for stud farms and horse farms,
  • Made of 100% pine wood shaving,
  • Provides thermal floor insulation,
  • Free of dust,
  • FSC certified state forest operations directorate industrial trees are used in production.

  • How should bedding wood shaving should be?

    A good bedding made of coarse wood shaving should be dry, treated with disinfection procedures and should be free of dust and insects. It should be odorless, and should not disturb horses. Bedding particles should be in medium material size. Wood shaving should be made of trees that are absolutely free of any chemical substances. It should be treated with appropriate substance against insects and rodents, and should be stacked free of humidity, moisture and dusts for maximum quality. Wood shaving with appropriate humidity ratio enhances growth of the animal as well as benefit obtained from the food.

    6 Risks for horses

    1- DUST. Beddings are potentially the highest source of dust in the farm, which may severely damage respiratory system of the horse. MAXCOMF has to lowest dust and spore levels among commercially available products.
    2- HOOF CARE. Horse hoof needs robust and flexible support. Our wood shaving with bigger particles ensures this support. Additionally, MAXCOMF is dried to a controlled humidity level to prevent drying and cracking of hoofs.
    3- CLEANLINESS. It is of utmost importance and difficult to effectively maintain hygiene. MAXCOMF wood shaving is made of fresh pine which offers an unmatched antibacterial effect against harmful bacteria and fungus. Our wood shaving is dried at sterilization temperatures during production.
    4- JOINTS. MAXCOMF wood shaving helps providing a clean, supportive bedding that encourages horses to lie down and rest.
    5- AMMONIA. Poor bedding and bedding management may expose the horses to higher amount of ammonia which harms respiratory system of horses and infuses to hoofs. MAXCOMF is completely free of those impacts.
    6- REST. Horses need to lie down in order to achieve deep REM sleep in barns. MAXCOMF bedding ensures that horses lie down, getting proper and safe rest with its comfortable, clean and natural effect.

    For the horses;

  • Dusts are removed during production,
  • Supports hoofs,
  • Manages humidity,
  • Provides a cushion effect for knees and joints,
  • Enhances resting and ensures hygiene.

  • For the owners;

  • Easy to use,
  • Single bag offers a long term use,
  • Long life,
  • Profitable in short and long term,
  • Feel confident – you are using the best.

  • What makes MAXCOMF special?

  • It is made of fresh timber,
  • Made of 100% Pine trees,
  • It has approprtiate parcile size,
  • Dried to controlled levels,
  • Free of dust.

  • MAXCOMF is a sustainable, recycled wooden fiber bedding. It is designed to offer a suitable bedding for your horses in the barn in order to ensure high comfort.