Product name: BEDCOMF (Bed Comfort)

Product specifications

  • In-house production,
  • It has appropriate particle size,
  • Dry and odorless,
  • Treated and sterilized with sterile formaldehyde (liquid) against possible insects,
  • Offered in 25 kg dense bags,
  • Possible metal particles (staples, wire, etc.) are removed.
  • Disinfected using ultraviolet light without chemical substances,
  • Free of sanding, chipboard and MDF dusts,
  • Dried in furnace to appropriate humidity values,
  • Free of chemicals,
  • Produced for chicken and chick to be used as bedding,
  • Made of 100% pine wood shaving,
  • Allows scratching,
  • Offers a comfortable habitat for animals thanks to its flexible structure and soft texture,
  • Free of dust,
  • FSC certified state forest operations directorate industrial trees are used in production.

  • Importance of Bedding Humidity

    A normal bedding has a humidity ratio of 10-15%. Dehydration (release of water in metabolic activities) problem is observed in chicks at lower humidity ratios. In case of higher dehydration levels, air humidity inside the coop increases, and insulation quality of the bedding will be deteriorated. Furthermore, bedding humidity ratio has impact on; feather growth speed, animal growth, benefiting rate from the food, coccidiosis (a parasite affecting intestinal system) control and ammonium (NH4) levels inside the coop. BEDCOMF is organic and has a very soft texture, providing thermal insulation for the floor.

    Importance of wood shavings

    The main factor affecting death ratio is poor quality wood shaving. New born/arrived chicks may confuse wood shaving with food, and the consequence is; either death or the food is not processed properly into body mass when they grow up. Our wood shavings produced free of dust using state of art technology machinery pool are dried in furnace and have specific dimensions. Our products are free of metal pieces such as nails, staples as well as chemicals and foreign matters, wood or metal chips. The most important problem in processing food into body mass is the cankers in chicken throat, and the most significant factor is CHIPBOARD and MDF dust contained in shavings. Chemical dusts, paint and adhesives contained in wood shaving collection area ate toxic products. Additionally, holding time for the shavings and humidity in holding area may lead to excessive bacteria growth and colorless moss formation. Shavings are treated during 2 sieving processes using special magnets and apparatus during packing. They are stored in dry form and free of odors.