Product name: HEATING PELLET

Product specifications

  • In-house production,
  • It has suitable particle size,
  • Offered in 15 kg dense bags,
  • Possible metal particles (staples, wire, etc.) are removed.
  • Dried in furnace to appropriate humidity values,
  • Free of chemicals,
  • Harmless for environment, humans and animals.
  • Contains fine wood shaving,
  • Used as stove fuel with its compressed form,
  • Can be produced in desired sizes,
  • Humidity value of 7%-12%.
  • Packed with care.
  • Particle size of 6 – 8 mm.
  • It has bio-fuel quality,
  • Organic,
  • The cheapest fossil fuel,
  • Density between 1000 kg/m3 –1100kg/m3,
  • Economical,
  • Ash rate of 1 – 3%,
  • Calorific value of 4500 kcal/kg,
  • Environmentally friendly fuel,
  • FSC certified state forest operations directorate industrial trees are used in production.

  • General specifications:

    Pellet product form is achieved by drying and grinding all types of industrial and agricultural wastes, and packing under high pressure. The most significant attribute is that it provides a cheap raw material supply through processing of wooden packing material wastes. It not only eliminates unnecessary cutting of trees but also makes use of waste wooden materials.

    Areas of use:

  • It can be used in all heating system boilers running on solid fuel,
  • Green houses,
  • Dairy plants,
  • Baking ovens,
  • Factories,
  • Buildings,
  • Work places,
  • And any field that requires heating.