Prevents unnecessary tree cutting by procuring raw materials from State Forest Operation Directorate with an environmentally friendly perspective.
Recycling of wood scraps obtained from FSC certified forests which are our national wealth is carried out using state of art equipment. Unused parts of valuable trees are converted into a valuable product with ZERO WASTE and included in the economy.

İZPELET Ağaç Orman Ürn. San. A.Ş. is founded on a 2000 m2 indoor area at MTOSB – Mersin Tarsus Organized Industry Zone in 2018. The group makes use of in-house wooden scraps via state of art machinery pool as follows;
  • Production industry (Chipboard MDF) – CHIPS
  • Energy industry (Compressed wood shaving) – PELLET
  • Chicken Industry, Bedding (Chicken) - WOOD SHAVİNG
  • Livestock Industry, Bedding (Racing Horse) – WOOD SHAVİNG
  • Products

    CHIPS (MDF Production)

    CHIPS (MDF Production) Dried to controlled humidity level at sterilization temperatures, and sieved on our vacuum dust suction system to achieve low dust levels.

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    MAXCOMF (Horse Wood shaving)

    MAXCOMF (Horse Wood shaving) Wood shaving is made of edible, fresh pine timber. Wood shaving is pressure-packed in distinctive yellow and green bags.

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    BEDCOMF (Chicken Wood shaving)

    BEDCOMF (Chicken Wood shaving) Efficiency, as in all livestock businesses, depends on use of technology based on the most appropriate technical knowledge in chicken farm business.

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    PELLET (Fuel)

    PELLET (Fuel) This product form is achieved by drying and grinding all types of industrial and agricultural wastes, and packing under high pressure.

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